More images from Bosquexo 2014.

Done with pentel

"oh tumblr i miss you so much"


So I spent last week drawing and painting in a sketching event in Senderiz, Galicia. I had a really good time surrounded by lovely people and nature, away from internet, and drawing after 3 years of not-drawing-a-thing-on-a-paper.

These are some of my drawings, I will upload more someday.




so purdy!!

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Some loops I animated for the new Always Sunny in Philadelphia season’s ad campaign.

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In Bed The Kiss — Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec

everytime it gets close to October i start reblogging the fuck out of this


Out for a stroll

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Carol Carter  is a contemporary watercolor artist based out of St Louis, MO. She is such a prolific painter that it proved nearly impossible to select just seventeen images to feature out of the hundreds documented throughout her website. Her subject matter is incredibly varied, ranging from swimmers, nudes, flora and fauna, to interiors and landscapes of the Everglades and Italy. In spite of painting such a vast range of subject matter, her work remains consistent with her personal style; painting with an electric color palette, she saturates values of light and dark with a brilliant range of unpredictable color that often takes on the effect of solarization via


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